Soon, will be up for domain renewal, and at 34.99 I just do not think so (normally its .com or what not is 12.00 to renew, however sales on new domain names like .life for instance is catchy until another yr rolls in and its like 30 some odd dollars to renew)

what do you want the new domain to be called? 

We are a dark tribe of ancients, and i want the domain name to reflect what we are and what we try to bring, to the network as an extension of our evolving shamanic culture(s). The music we like and the movies we like and the tv shows we like, is an extension of our evolved dna as a shamanic culture regardless if you see yourself as a shaman you are one, if you drink life energies and consume elemental nature you are a shaman. You aren't always a native american shaman, but even they learned from someone or some ancestor and this shamanism is based on ancient en triska shamanism or the heatheru vampires pathway.

So please keep to the tone of the over all network


Our tribe




You see where the drift is ok what is your suggestion?

If you have a platform in mind also please keep the price range in your mind as well: - various plus have allot of add on pricey games or tools 

groupanic - 20-40 per month - they say their going to add things on

Ning - 30.00 a month 

Spruz - 5-50 per month depending on web package limited modules and things to do - 20 a month

Socibd and I have parted ways, please remember I am not allowed there. snort.


I have considered self hosted as well:

Oxwall - anywhere between 5 a month in hosting and tons of money per plugin to enrich the life of your website.

I really don't like oxwall that much anymore.

Buddypress - need a good prem buddypress paid theme and most of the modules are free. Not like an actual network though

Ph7CMS is a dating software not too bad and not too good.

Let me know if you have a suggestion.